Promo Radio Hits 2-21-17 Radio Hits #695
01 I Know_RL (clean).mp3
02 Are You Sure__RL (clean).mp3
03 Crick Neck_RL (clean).mp3
04 In Living Color (Oh Na Na)_RL (clean).mp3
05 Somebody_RL (clean).mp3
06 Should've Been Me_RL (clean).mp3
07 Keys To The Bima_RL (clean).mp3
08 Versace On The Floor_RL (clean).mp3
09 At Your Best_RL (clean).mp3
10 Dont Worry_RL (clean).mp3
11 Everybody Dies_RL (clean).mp3
12 Living Single_RL (clean).mp3
13 I Can't_RL (clean).mp3
14 They Like_RL (clean).mp3
15 Real Chill_RL (clean).mp3
16 Offended_RL (clean).mp3
17 All I Know_RL (clean).mp3
18 Feel_RL (clean).mp3
19 All Night_RL (clean).mp3
20 Thinking About You_RL (clean).mp3
21 Trap It Out (REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
22 Cake (70-105 BPM Transition)_RL (clean).mp3
23 I Would Like (R3hab Trap REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
24 Bad & Boujee (CK Trap REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
25 Bounce Back (Avytrax BPMS Trap REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
26 Got The Feeling (PeteDown REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
27 Feelin U (Gwise & Mad Nation Twerk REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
28 Side To Side (Zea & Kismet Twerk REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
29 All You Got (Reggae REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
30 I Got You (Cheat Codes Dance REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
31 Let Me Love You (REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
32 24K Magic (G Duppy Re Wuk Reggae REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
33 Rockabye (Majestic Audio Deep House REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
34 Can't Have (118-104 BPM Transition)_RL (clean).mp3
35 Gold (120-104 BPM Transition)_RL (clean).mp3
36 Final Song (David Puentez & MTS Future House REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
37 Slumber Party (Danny Dove Dance REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
38 Black Beatles (Kjuus Bass House REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
39 Like A Star (Serafin Dance REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
40 Setting Fires (Blasterjaxx Progressive House REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3

Promo Radio Hits 2-21-17 Radio Hits #696
01 Shape Of You_RL (clean).mp3
02 Do It Again_RL (clean).mp3
03 Say Yeah_RL (clean).mp3
04 Ridin Around_RL (clean).mp3
05 Better With You_RL (clean).mp3
06 Good Times_RL (clean).mp3
07 Just A Friend_RL (clean).mp3
08 Freakin N Geekin_RL (clean).mp3
09 Everyday We Lit_RL (clean).mp3
10 Damn_RL (clean).mp3
11 Undercover_RL (clean).mp3
12 Feel Me_RL (clean).mp3
13 Red Opps_RL (clean).mp3
14 Neighbors_RL (clean).mp3
15 Swang_RL (clean).mp3
16 Everyday_RL (clean).mp3
17 Steal Her Man_RL (clean).mp3
18 Call Casting_RL (clean).mp3
19 Terminator_RL (clean).mp3
20 Light It Up_RL (clean).mp3
21 Bad And Boujee (Freestyle REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
22 Pick Up The Phone (Freestyle REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
23 Keys To The Street (Freestyle REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
24 Spend That (Spend It Freestyle REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
25 Live Forever (CK Redrum REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
26 Useta This (Used To This Freestyle) (LNRP Mixshow Edit) (Clean).mp3
27 Black Beatles (DJ Scene Bootleg Trap REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
28 Luv (Havok Roth REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
29 Let Me Love You (Mr. Collipark REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
30 Setting Fires (Boxinbox & Lionsize Future Bass REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
31 Rockabye (DJ-X Moombahton REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
32 No Lie (Island Beats Dancehall REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
33 Cake (Kay Stafford Future House REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
34 Caroline (JD Live Bootleg Electro REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
35 I Would Like (Culture Code Future House REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
36 Final Song (Diplo & Jauz Future House REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
37 Not Nice (Electric Bodega Progressive House REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
38 Move Your Body (David Harry Progressive House REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
39 This Girl (Deville Epic Dance REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
40 That Part (DJ Nasa Vegas Bootleg Electro REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3

Promo Radio Hits 2-21-17 Radio Hits #697
01 Talk Is Cheap_RL (clean).mp3
02 Getting To It_RL (clean).mp3
03 That Girl Aint Mine_RL (clean).mp3
04 Color Money_RL (clean).mp3
05 One Shot_RL (clean).mp3
06 Thinking 'Bout You_RL (clean).mp3
07 Ohh (Dynamite)_RL (clean).mp3
08 737_RL (clean).mp3
09 Tolt My Pistol_RL (clean).mp3
10 We Should Be Together_RL (clean).mp3
11 Macaroni_RL (clean).mp3
12 Cut This Off_RL (clean).mp3
13 Castro_RL (clean).mp3
14 Straight Up & Down_RL (clean).mp3
15 81_RL (clean).mp3
16 Slow Grind (REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
17 Crash_RL (clean).mp3
18 T-Shirt_RL (clean).mp3
19 Lady_RL (clean).mp3
20 Castle On The Hill_RL (clean).mp3
21 Bounce Back (65-82 BPM Transition)_RL (clean).mp3
22 Key To The Streets (REMIX) (95-70 BPM Transition)_RL (clean).mp3
23 Black Beatles (MAKJ Trap REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
24 Feel Me (Deville Bootleg Trap REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
25 My Boo (Tha Boogie Bandit, Zilla & Tommy Villain Electronica REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
26 Bad And Boujee (95-64 BPM Transition)_RL (clean).mp3
27 Both (96-70 BPM Transition)_RL (clean).mp3
28 Like A Star (DJ Break Twerk REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
29 Fake Love (Caked Up Twerk REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
30 Shape Of You (DJ-X Moombahton REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
31 Party (100-71 BPM Transition)_RL (clean).mp3
32 Better With You (Sisco Kennedy ReDrum REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
33 Don't Wanna Know (Fareoh Moombahton REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
34 24K Magic (DJ Buttafingaz REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
35 Side To Side (DJ Trave & Wally Suarez Mambo REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
36 I Would Like (PeteDown Dance REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
37 Rockabye (Kahikko & Dawson & Creek Progressive House REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
38 Into You (Big Room Bootleg REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
39 Caroline (Audio1 Uptempo Bass REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
40 CRZY (DJ Runna Blend REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3

Promo Radio Hits 2-21-17 Radio Hits #698
01 Hush Up The Silence_RL (clean).mp3
02 Love Come Down_RL (clean).mp3
03 Bruk Off Yuh Back (Mi Cock)_RL (clean).mp3
04 1st Day Home_RL (clean).mp3
05 Don't Do That_RL (clean).mp3
06 Come Down (REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
07 Whatchu Finna Do_RL (clean).mp3
08 Immortal_RL (clean).mp3
09 Rapture_RL (clean).mp3
10 Location_RL (clean).mp3
11 Redbone_RL (clean).mp3
12 Ballin_RL (clean).mp3
13 Vex Me_RL (clean).mp3
14 Whoa_RL (clean).mp3
15 Freal Luv_RL (clean).mp3
16 Differences_RL (clean).mp3
17 Know U Know_RL (clean).mp3
18 Bad Tings_RL (clean).mp3
19 Halfway Off The Balcony_RL (clean).mp3
20 Do U Dirty_RL (clean).mp3
21 Fake Love (DJ Taj Trap REMIX)_RL (clean) 2.mp3
22 Both (FWB X Nate C. The Chief Trap REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
23 Skateboard P (REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
24 All We Know (Luca Lush Twerk REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
25 Feel Me (98-71 BPM Transition)_RL (clean).mp3
26 Lady (100-126 BPM Transition)_RL (clean).mp3
27 Moves (100-76 BPM Transition)_RL (clean).mp3
28 Heathens (Mahmut Orhan Dance REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
29 Don't Wanna Know (Ryan Riback Future House REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
30 Shape Of You (Bonker Crew Moombahton REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
31 Bad And Boujee (Mr. Collipark Twerk REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
32 24K In Herre (Matt Hamer Mashup REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
33 That's What I Like (124-67 BPM Transition)_RL (clean).mp3
34 I Got You (124-98 BPM Transition)_RL (clean).mp3
35 Setting Fires (Kahikko Dance REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
36 Both (Dirty Lou Bootleg House REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
37 Party (128-71 BPM Transition)_RL (clean).mp3
38 Side To Side (Barry Harris Dance REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
39 Castle On The Hill (Kastra & Buzzmeisters Progressive House REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3
40 Black Beatles (Mighty Mi Bootleg Electro House REMIX)_RL (clean).mp3

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