My Collections Volume 4 (80s Remixes)

6, 2, 8 - Europe.mp3
A Night to Remember - Shalamar.mp3
A Taste of Love - Dan Hartman.mp3
ABC of Kissing - Richard John Smith.mp3
Ain't No Man - Dina Caroll.mp3
All Over the World - Chuck Jackson.mp3
All Over the World.mp3
Am I the Same Girl.mp3
Amii Stewart - Friends (Extended Version 1984).mp3
Asia - Mo.mp3
Autumn Leaves - Love Unlimited Orchestra.mp3
Baby I Need Your Loving - Carl Carlton.mp3
Back in the Groove - David John.mp3
Baho Kilikili.mp3
Beautiful Love - Adeva.mp3
Breakout - Swing Out Sister.mp3

My Collections Volume 5 (90s Hype Remixes)

94 right here(human nature)(wicked mix) - swv 094.mp3
95 i wish - gabrielle 95.mp3
102 looking through patient eyes(mixx it) - pm dawn 102.mp3
105 - UMD Minimix - Dj Shaqwave remix.mp3
DJ Jeff - Dying Inside To Hold You (Old Skul Ultimate Hype).mp3
DJ Mon - Angelina (DM Reworks) (bpm 100).mp3
DJ Mon - Cherish (DM Reworks) (bpm 94).mp3
DJ Mon - Looking Through Patient Eyes (DM Old School Reworks) (bpm 102).mp3
DJ Mon - Make It Easy (DM Old School Reworks) (bbpm 102).mp3
DJ Mon - Set A Drift On Memory Bliss (DM Old School Reworks) (bpm 100).mp3
Girl You Know Its True - Milli Vanilli - LYTEMIX-1.0 - (CLN - 98 BPM - A3-A# MIN) - (INT BRK SNG BRK OUT).mp3
Im Only Human (Classic Redrum) - Human League 101 Bpm [Clean].mp3
once in a lifetime - gregorian (bpm 97).mp3
only you - jackie moore (bpm 101).mp3
paid in full - eric b & rakim (bpm 99).mp3
stars - simply red (bpm 103).mp3
Stars - Simply red (Dj Shaqwave).mp3
the hurt - kalapana (bpm 98).mp3
this time i know it's forever - errol brown (bpm 117).mp3
Too many walls - Cathy dennis (Dj SHaqwave remix) 3.mp3

My Collections Volume 6 (80s Remixes)

01 Bitter Heart 12_.mp3
01. Kraftwerk - The Model (The Extended Ultrasound Version).mp3
01.Spandau Ballet - Gold 12'' (Extended Version).mp3
02 Paint Love Blue (Extended Mix).mp3
03 Razor Garden (Extended).mp3
04 Face To Face (Dance Mix).mp3
05 Real World (Ext Mix).mp3
06 Flame to My Heart (Extended).mp3
07 House Of Thorns 12_.mp3
08 King (12_ Mix).mp3
09 She's A Book With Seven Seals (12.mp3
10 Dancing In Heaven (Extended).mp3
80's - TELL HER ABOUT IT 12' .mp3
A Kind Of Magic (Extended Version) - Queen.mp3
Alphaville - Big In Japan (12 Vocal Mix).mp3
April Showers - Abandon Ship (jonnie darko extended edit).mp3
Away (12' extended version).mp3
Belouis Some - Animal Magic (Extended Dance Mix) [Remastered Audio].mp3
Dan Hartman - I Can Dream About You (12 Extended ) (Vinyl).mp3
Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing (Lost 12'' Version).mp4.mp3
George McCrae - Nice And Slow ( DMC REMIX ).mp3
Madonna Into The Groove (Extended Unmixed).mp3
Rah Band - Sorry Doesn't Make It Anymore (12 Stretch Mix).mp3

My Collections Volume 7 (90s Remixes)

10. JAMBOREE - Nauhty By Nature Ft. Zhane 92BPM (DJ.Ehm).mp3
10. TUBTHUMPING - Chumbawumba 103BPM (DJ.Ehm).mp3
12. CAN I GET A... - Jay-Z Ft. Amil E & Ja Rule 88BPM (DJEhm).mp3
12. DON'T TURN AROUND - Ace Of Base 95BPM (DJ.Gero).mp3
12. FIX DA WORLD UP - Mastaplann 108BPM (DJEhm).mp3
12. IS IT TIME - Mastaplann 94BPM (DJ Gero Extended).mp3
12. OLD SKUL MIXTAPEZ - 97 - 103BPM (Deejay Garry).mp3
12. SLAM - Onyx 98BPM (DJEhm).mp3
12. THIS IS HOW WE DO IT - Montell Jordan 103BPM (DJ.Ehm).mp3
12. TOO CLOSE - Next 99BPM (DJEhm).mp3
Anthem Kingz - Marvin Gets Married.mp3
BRING THAT BOOTY - 107BPM (DJ.Quacker) Mastaplann.mp3
DJ JAHBERT - The Braxton Only love (funky 100).mp3
DJ Tariq B - Ghetto Superstar (Quick Hitter W Hype).mp3
DMX - Party Up (SJ Hype Party Redrum).mp3
Eric Gad - Do You Believe in Me (jahbert remix 105 bpm).mp3
How Gee - Black Machine (Get Right Mix).mp3
HUMAN NATURE- 93BPM (DJ.Ehm)The Tribute (M.J Feat. SWV).mp3
O.P.P - 98BPM (DJ.Ehm) Naughty By Nature.mp3
ROLL 'EM UP - 89bpm G-MiXxX Vol.08 (Vanilla Ice)- (Dj.Ehm).mp3
RUMP SHAKER - 103BPM (Dj.Ehm) Wrecks N' Effects -.mp3
slam - onyx feat fatman scoop (dj vin mix).mp3
TAKE IT OFF - 112bpm G-MiXxX Vol.05 (Reggaeton)- (Dj.Ehm).mp3
TENNESSEE - 100BPM Public Announcement - (Dj.Ehm).mp3
THE SIGN - 97bpm G-MiXxX Vol.06 (Ace Of Base)-(Dj.Ehm Bonus Track).mp3
TREZ DELIQUENTES - 102bpm G-MiXxX Vol.05 (Deliquent Habit)-.mp3
ZUNGA ZENG -104BPM (DJ.Ehm) K-7.mp3

My Collections Volume 8 (80s Redrum)

110 self control [redrum].mp3
110 tarzan boy [redrum] clean.mp3
110 tarzan boy [redrum].mp3
112 brother louie [redrum].mp3
115 never gonna give you up [redrum].mp3
115 together forever [redrum].mp3
117 tomboy [redrum].mp3
118 billie jean [redrum].mp3
118 body dancer [redrum].mp3
118 do you wanna [redrum].mp3

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