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Beatport Weekend Picks (12th July 2019)
Disc 1
01. Gloriole (Original Mix).mp3
02. Eucalyptus (Original Mix).mp3
03. Just Can't (Original Mix).mp3
04. The Step Up (Original Mix).mp3
05. John's Church (Cassius XXL Remix).mp3
06. Echo Enclosure (Original Mix).mp3
07. Lara's Dub (Original Mix).mp3
08. Days Go By (CamelPhat Remix).mp3
09. Heater (Tube & Berger Remix).mp3
10. Induction (Original Mix).mp3
11. Sick Ass Chords (Original Mix).mp3
12. Bang The Groove (Format_B Remix).mp3
13. In Aeternam (Efdemin Remix).mp3
14. Timeless To Mountain (Original Mix).mp3
15. Ready To Freak (Disco Mix).mp3
16. Want It Back (Saison Extended Remix).mp3
17. Old Rocker's (Original Mix).mp3
18. San Cristobal (Original Mix).mp3
19. Miracle (Body Rock) (Paul Woolford Endless Bassline Mix).mp3
20. Everything I Need (Darius Syrossian Remix).mp3
21. Why I Love You (Main Mix).mp3
22. Hypnosis (Original Mix).mp3
Disc 2
01. Connected Spirit (Original Mix).mp3
02. CTAFY (Original Mix).mp3
03. Party Move (Original Mix).mp3
04. Allegro (Original Mix).mp3
05. Lowkey Slippy (Original Mix).mp3
06. Belt Of Venus (Original Mix).mp3
07. Morning Horses (Original Mix).mp3
08. Aj Squinza (Original Mix).mp3
09. Amadista (Original Mix).mp3
10. La Musica Tremenda (Original Mix).mp3
11. Mother's Love (Original Mix).mp3
12. The Water Drop (Original Mix).mp3
13. Ritmieko (Leonardo Gonnelli Remix).mp3
14. Together, Alright! (Main).mp3
15. Conjunction (Original Mix).mp3
16. Odd Speech (Original Mix).mp3
17. Green Flash (Original Extended Mix).mp3
18. Just Curious (Original Mix).mp3
19. Padre Sol (Original Mix).mp3
20. Follow Me (Jerome Isma-Ae Extended Remix).mp3
21. Bad Bath (Original Mix).mp3
22. Magnectares (Original Mix).mp3
Disc 3
01. The Healer (Extended Mix).mp3
02. Hugged By Highness (Original Mix).mp3
03. Night Shift (Original Mix).mp3
04. Fantasize (Original Mix).mp3
05. Yourself (Original Mix).mp3
06. Spheres (Original Mix).mp3
07. Monolith (Original Mix).mp3
08. The Wolf (Original Mix).mp3
09. Monteiro da Costa (Original Mix).mp3
10. Strings Of Death (Original Mix).mp3
11. Dance Alone (Alex Niggemann Remix).mp3
12. Skank (Extended Mix).mp3
13. Incapable (Crooked Man Pt. 2 Mix).mp3
14. Insanity (Original Mix).mp3
15. Cotton (Original Mix).mp3
16. Daze (Original Mix).mp3
17. Keep It Alive (Original Mix).mp3
18. Feelin' Good (Original Mix).mp3
19. Signs (Original Mix).mp3
20. Kintsugi (Original Mix).mp3
21. Gonna Be Me (Original Mix).mp3

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