My Collections Volume 17 (80’s Extended)

(Feels Like) Heaven (Original 12 inch).mp3
(I Just) Died In Your Arms (12in).mp3
(I just) Died in your arms tonight (Extended version).mp3
(I've Had) The Time Of My Life (Extended Version).mp3
01 Masimbabele (Final Mix).mp3
01 12_51.mp3
01 Don't Stop Till You Get Enough.mp3
01 Eighties (Serious Dance Mix).mp3
01 Going Back To My Roots.mp3
01 I Can't Wait (Dance Mix).mp3
01 I ran (Original 12 inch).mp3
01 Love Train (12' mix).mp3
01 No limit (Extended Version).mp3
01 Power of Love.mp3
01 Right on Track.mp3
01 Spank (12 Inch Version).mp3
01 The Gathering.mp3
01 Where Is My Man.mp3
01 Xanadu.mp3
02 Bad Connection - Yazoo (Disconet Remix).mp3
02 Can't Get Enough of Your Love (Remix) Version).mp3
02 Enjoy the Silence [Hands and Feet Mix].mp3
02 Everybody Dance (Ext Disco).mp3
02 I Love Men.mp3
02 It_s a Sin.mp3
02 Radio GaGa (12 Inch Version).mp3
02 Rumors (Remix).mp3
02 The Mix (Club version).mp3
2 Times (Extended Version).mp3
02 Vogue (12'' Version).mp3
02 You and I.mp3
03 Flesh for Fantasy.mp3
03 Heat it Up (12 Inch).mp3
03 Love on Your Side.mp3
03 sexcrime.mp3
03 Take Me To Your Heart (Razormaid Mix).mp3
3-03 Can You Feel The Force (12inch).mp3
04 Situation (US 12_ Mix).mp3
4-04 You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) (12inch).mp3
4-10 Let's All Chant (12inch).mp3
05 Around My Dream.mp3
05 It's A Hard Life (12_ version).mp3

My Collections Volume 18 (80’s Extended)

05 Locomotion (12_ Version).mp3
06 It's My Life (US 12_).mp3
06 Maid Of Orleans (The Waltz Joan Of Arc) (12_ Version).Mp3
06 New York Mix - The Original 12_.mp3
06 So Many Men, soLittle Time.mp3
06 That's The Way I Like It.MP3
06 Tonight Is What It Means to Be Young.mp3
07 At Last [Have Some Fun Mix].mp3
07 Doctor! Doctor!.mp3
07 Doing the Unstuck (Saunders 12_ Remix).mp3
07 Hey You!!! (Kevorkian 12_ Remix).mp3
07 Moments In Love (12_ Beaten Version).mp3
08 A Kind Of Magic (12_ version).mp3
08 China Girl.mp3
08 Going Back To My Roots (487 Remix).MP3
08 You Take Me Up [CD Only].mp3
09 Fresh [12' Remix].mp3
09 Showing Out (12 Inch Mix).mp3
9PM (Til I Come) (Extended Version).mp3
10 For your love.mp3
10 Obsession (US 12_).mp3
11 The Invisible Man (12 Inch Version).mp3
12 Go West.mp3
12 Here I am.mp3
12 Lost in Music [1984 Bernard Edwards & Nile Rodgers Remix].mp3
15 I Feel for You (remix).mp3
19 (12in).mp3
19 (Vietnam Destruction Mix).mp3
25 Years (12in).mp3
32 A Little Innocence.mp3
32 Broken Wings.mp3
32 Cambodia (Extended Version).mp3
32 Close To You.mp3
32 Der Kommissar (Extended).mp3
32 Destiny (Classic Version).mp3
32 Don't look any further.mp3
32 Easy Lover.mp3
32 Electric Blue.mp3
32 Ella Elle L`a.mp3
32 Everybody's Free (12_ Mix).mp3
32 Funkytown.MP3
32 Goldener Reiter (Extended).mp3
32 I Come Undone.mp3
32 Jeanny, Part 1 (Long version).mp3
32 Just Be Good to Me.mp3
32 Let Me Go (Extended Version).mp3
32 Let's Start The Dance(Rap 12_).mp3
32 On The Radio (Long Version).mp3
32 Reach Out (Maxi).mp3
32 Reggae Night.mp3
32 Ring Of Ice (Extended Mix).mp3
32 Rock Me Amadeus.mp3
32 Rythm of The Night.mp3
32 USSR (Extended Version).mp3
32 When You're In Love With A Bea.mp3
32 Wild Boys (Wilder than..Remix).mp3
32 Your The Voice.mp3

My Collections Volume 19 (80’s Extended)

80's Megamix (12 Inch).mp3
A Forest (12in).mp3
A night to remember (12inch).mp3
A Whiter Shade of Pale (Extended Version).mp3
Africa (12 Inch).mp3
Africa (Remix).mp3
Age Of Reason (12in).mp3
Ai No Corrida.mp3
Alive And Kicking.mp3
All Around The World (12in).mp3
All By Myself.mp3
All cried out (extended version).mp3
All fall down (Original 12 inch).mp3
All night long (Original 12 inch).mp3
All out of love (extended techno version).mp3
All that she wants (Extended Version).mp3
All You Zombies (12in).mp3
Always On My Mind (12in).mp3
Always on my mind.mp3
Always the sun (Original 12 inch).mp3
Americanos (PWL Extended).mp3
An Englishman In New York (Original 12 inch).mp3
And She Was (12in).mp3
Angel (12in).mp3
Annie im not your daddy (12 inch).mp3
Another Brick In The Wall (12in).mp3
Around My Heart (Extended).mp3
As ( Extended).mp3
Atomic (12in).mp3
Axel F (Original 12 inch).mp3
Axel F Theme (12in).mp3
Baby Give It Up (Extended).mp3
Baby talk.mp3
Back In My Life (Extended Version).mp3
Back to life (Extended version).mp3
Bad Boy (12in).mp3
Bad Boys (Original 12 inch).mp3
Bad News.mp3
Beat Dis (12 Inch Version).mp3
Beat dis (Extended version).mp3
Because I Love You (The Postman Song) (12in).mp3
Beds Are Burning (Extended Version).mp3
Beds Are Burning (Extended).mp3
Being Boring (12in).mp3
Belfast child (Original 12 Inch).mp3
Believe (extended remix version).mp3
Bette Davis Eyes (12in).mp3
Big fun (Extended version).mp3

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