Traxsource Essential Soulful (14 Oct 2019)

Alexandre Wauthier, Twolegs - I Wanted You (Vocal Remix).mp3
Antonello Ferrari, Aldo Bergamasco - Can't Let You Go (F & B Jazzy Mix).mp3
Belizian Voodoo Priest, Steve Miggedy Maestro - We Like It Deep (Miggedy's Full ReTouch).mp3
Bobby Robb, Nu Ground Foundation - Keep Holdin' On (Nu Ground Foundation Deep Vocal).mp3
Chris Willis, Lenny Fontana, OPOLOPO - Top of the World (OPOLOPO Remix Instrumental).mp3
Chujo - The Dayz (Original Mix).mp3
Conan Liquid, Sandy Rivera - Concerto della vita (Sandy Rivera Vocal Remix).mp3
D-Lux, Y-NO - Connection (Original Mix).mp3
Dav Risen - Praise Him (Dav Risen Remix).mp3
Dave Anthony - One Time Around (Original Mix).mp3
Deepconsoul, Denny Dugg, Betasweet - Copta Fella (Betasweet Remix).mp3
Elementic Soul, Lionel, Andileh, Lucius Lowe - End of Time (Lucius Lowe Remix).mp3
Enyon, Marcus Pearson, Dj Romain - Words You Say (Dj Romain Remix).mp3
Fever Brothers - Rejoice (Soul Mix).mp3
Groove Junkies, Mijan - Music Is Life 2K19 (Groove Junkies Roots Re-Boot Mix).mp3
Hanna - I Needed (Original Mix).mp3
Ism, Ian Friday - Starlight (Libation Remix).mp3
Jasper Street Co., Louie Vega - Praying For You (Louie Vega Main Remix).mp3
Luis Radio, Souldynamic, Margaret Grace - You Got.mp3
Mousse T. & Peven Everett - Pleasure (Glenn Underground's Get Down Mix) .mp3
NY's Finest, Toney Lee, Status IV, Victor Simonelli - Don't Stop Keep Rising (Victor Simonelli Original Club Mix).mp3
One Dollar Success, Eb-Clectic, DJ With Soul - This Way (DJ with Soul Remix).mp3
Roland Clark & Urban Soul - Until We Meet Again (Dj Oji Vocal Remix).mp3
Roy Jazz Grant - 909 Symphony, Pt. 2 (Original Mix).mp3
Stacy Kidd, Coco Street - Give Him Your Heart (Main Mix).mp3
Sue Avenue - Music For Sunsets (Original Mix).mp3
The Heavy Quarterz, Keupid - My God Feat Keupid (Original Mix).mp3
Timmy Regisford, Felicia Graham, Tiger Wilson, Frankie Feliciano - Taken By Dreams (Frankie Feliciano Remix).mp3
Trinidadian Deep - Natty Dread.mp3
Ultra Soul Project - I Can Feel It (Instrumental Mix).mp3
Vertigini - Best Girl (Original Mix).mp3
White Soul Project, Danny Losito - Party Hard (Original Mix).mp3

Traxsource Top 100 Lounge, Chill Out (17 Oct 2019)

Aimore' - Baby Why (Original Mix).mp3
Akira - Sunset.mp3
Alexkid - Love We Have.mp3
Alina K, Full Intention - Walking Your Path (Full Intention Sunset Mix).mp3
Allume - The Radio.mp3
Andras - Celestine (Original Mix).mp3
Anselmo Torres Neruda, Jiunaze - Mediterraneo (Jiunaze Extended Remix).mp3
Arthur Reynolds - Funky People (Original Mix).mp3
Ary Cole - Once More (Original Mix).mp3
baako - Away (Original Mix).mp3
Bird Moves - Little Sunflower .mp3
C Y G N - Dream About U (Original Mix).mp3
Carmine Rafael Faro - Let Me Go (Original Mix).mp3
Chris Yarden - Right Direction.mp3
Deep Lo - Lost In You (Original Mix).mp3
Deep Lo, Soire - Lost In You (Soire Remix).mp3
Derek May - Anyone But You (Radio Edit).mp3
Derek May - Face To Face.mp3
Derek May - Faith.mp3
Derek May - Nebula (Original Mix).mp3
Derun - Girnata Swing (Original Mix).mp3
DJ Queto - Arabesque (Original Mix).mp3
Doctor Rockit - Café de Flore (Charles Webster's latin lovers mix).mp3
Ely Bruna, Neja - American Boy.mp3
Esme' - See You Again (Original Mix).mp3
Felix Plein - Go Alone (Original Mix).mp3
Ferreck Dawn, Robosonic, Nikki Ambers, Afterlife - In My Arms (Afterlife Mix).mp3
Fish Go Deep, Guy Monk, Fish Go Deep, Kevin Yost, Envelop - Layback.mp3
Flight Facilities, Giselle, Flight Facilities Feat. Giselle - Crave You.mp3
Folamour - Petit Prince Du Macadam (Original Mix).mp3
Handcrafted Sol, Kemdi - You've Got It (Original).mp3
Instant House - Awade (Joe's Jungle Sounds Dub).mp3
Jago Alejandro Pascua - Routine (Original Mix).mp3
JKriv, Free Magic - Emmanuel.mp3
Johny Luv - Forever.mp3
JussComplex - Never Enough (Original Mix).mp3
Kenzie Ora - Your Life (Original Mix).mp3
Keone - A Kindness (Original Mix).mp3
Key Tronics Ensemble - You X Me (Original Mix).mp3
LaBaci, Fathima - The Land of Toys.mp3
Lacey - All Night Long (Original Mix).mp3
Lamar Ensemble - Suave (Original Mix).mp3
Lamyadon - Argirocastro (Original Mix).mp3
Lamyadon - Desmond (Original Mix).mp3
Lamyadon - Evening Wind (Shisdess Remix).mp3
Larss - El Rumor (Original Mix).mp3
Larss - Purple Rain (Original Mix).mp3
Larss - The End (Original Mix).mp3
Leaking Shell - All I Have.mp3
Leslie - Let's Go (Original Mix).mp3
Lionel Indies - The Fox & The Cat (Original Mix).mp3
Lisa Shaw, Jay Denes - Cherry (Jay's Nude Vocal).mp3
Lovebirds - Tuesday.mp3
Luciano FM, Stradivarius - Flute Night (Original Mix).mp3
Mark De Clive-Lowe, Cherie Mathieson, DJ Spinna - Day By Day (DJ Spinna Remix).mp3
Maximo Gladius - I Know The Others (Original Mix).mp3
Maximo Gladius - White Mirrors (Original Mix).mp3
Miguel Roldan - Baila Contigo (Original Mix).mp3
Mike D' Jais - Feeling You (Extended Mix).mp3
Mike D' Jais - Star Lips.mp3
Milton Gray - Copacabana (Original Mix).mp3
Milton Gray - It' s Wonder (Original Mix).mp3
Minoru - Duality (Original Mix).mp3
Mo' Horizons, Mo' Horizons - Some More Horizons (Digital Version) (Ai mi morena (Chocolate Restyle)).mp3
Move D, Fred P - Building Bridges (Original Mix).mp3
Napoli Underground - Could It Be (Original Mix).mp3
Nick Edwardson, Lionel Indies - New Orleans (Lionel Indies Remix).mp3
Nicola Cruz, Spaniol, Salvador Araguaya, Artéria FM - Folha de Jurema (Crussen's Creamy Cocodub).mp3
Nitya - Being Alone.mp3
Njinga - Everytime.mp3
Oberhon - Oblivion (Original Mix).mp3
Oliver Koletzki, Jimmy Sax - No Man No Cry (Jimmy Sax Version).mp3
Opal Thalia - Ritual.mp3
Osvaldo Carreira - Provence (Original Mix).mp3
Padma - Float On (Original Mix).mp3
Park Hye Jin - I DON'T CARE.mp3
Paul Francis - Loft (Original Mix).mp3
Paxton Fettel - Let Go .mp3
Quasimodo - Lost Emotion.mp3
Rasmus Faber - Do My Best (feat. Renae Rain) (Original Mix).mp3
Rasmus Faber - Two Left Feet (feat. Ohrn) (Original Mix).mp3
RunSQ With Emma Brammer, RunSQ - Give You Up (Summer Vibe Mix).mp3
santpoort - wen uuu - shlohmo cover (Original Mix).mp3
Scarlett Libby - Always (Original Mix).mp3
Scarlett Libby - Daydreams.mp3
Schemes - Sublimation .mp3
Soire - Changes (Original Mix).mp3
Soire - Mystic Soul (Original Mix).mp3
Soire - Orientale (Original Mix).mp3
Soire - Senses (Original Mix).mp3
Sugar & Martini - Love Is Gonna Kill Me (Original Mix).mp3
Terry Nova, Push With Size - Push With Size (Kon's Live Edit).mp3
The Cool Balance - Do you Like Jazz_ [i! Records].mp3
Thorne Miller, Chris Sen, Ms.Kelle - Wet Cinnamon (Original Mix).mp3
Tsang - Many Time (Original Mix).mp3
Tsang - Solitude (Original Mix).mp3
Unders - Syria.mp3
uzoma - Loudas A Thunder (Original Mix).mp3
Wood Brass and Steel Band, Wood, Brass and Steel, Long Live Music - Long Live Music (Kon's Edit).mp3
Yoshie - Misty Rain.mp3

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