Strictly Hits - House Attack 1
Bonus Acapella - Pump The Rhythm - House Attack Edit.mp3
Bonus Acapella - Turn Up The Bass - House Attack Edit.mp3
DJ Jean - The Launch - House Attack Edit.mp3
Razor & Guido - Do It Again - House Attack Edit.mp3

Strictly Hits - House Attack 2
Can You Feel It (134).mp3
Get Up And Party (136).mp3
Koochie (128).mp3
Out Of The Blue (140).mp3
Sing It Back (126).mp3
The Streets Is Gonna Rock (130).mp3
Turn Up The Bass (A Cappella Loop 137).mp3

Strictly Hits - House Attack 3
Bang To The Beat Of The Drum (130).mp3
Bang to The Beat Of The Drum (A Cappella Loop 130).mp3
Dooms Night (132).mp3
House Music All Night Long (A Cappella Loop).mp3
One More Time (123).mp3
Put You In A Trance (138).mp3
Sandstorm (136).mp3
Sex Tonight (134).mp3

Strictly Hits - House Attack 4
Axel F (140).mp3
Derb (140).mp3
Here We Go Again (128).mp3
House Attack (A Cappella 135).mp3
It's Gonna Be Alright (129).mp3
Jumpin Jumpin (138).mp3
Played Alive (138).mp3

Strictly Hits - House Attack 5
Bam Bam (Remix 122).mp3
Digital Love (125).mp3
Get Down (126).mp3
I Get Live (130).mp3
In The Beginning (139).mp3
Porno Star (A Cappella 135).mp3
Switched (133).mp3

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