60s Essentials Vol 12

(6 files and folders)

  1. These Eyes (Select Mix Remix) The Guess Who 04:29 97bpm
  2. Hello, I Love You (Select Mix Remix) The Doors 03:06 116bpm
  3. Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Select Mix Remix) Frankie Valli 04:28 122bpm
  4. You Can't Sit Down (Select Mix Remix) The Dovells 03:12 166bpm
  5. Hit The Road Jack (Select Mix Remix) Ray Charles 02:29 174bpm
  6. Land Of 1,000 Dances (Select Mix Remix) Wilson Pickett 02:53 176bpm

Rock Essentials Vol 10

(7 files and folders)

  1. White Flag (Select Mix Remix) Daughtry 04:38 63bpm
  2. Thought Contagion (Select Mix Remix) Muse 04:02 70bpm
  3. It's Enough (Select Mix Remix) Lenny Kravitz 06:55 88bpm
  4. Blood (Select Mix Remix) Breaking Benjamin 04:22 90bpm
  5. No Roots Pt. 2 (Select Mix Remix) Alice Merton 05:19 116bpm
  6. No Roots (Select Mix Remix) Alice Merton 04:34 116bpm
  7. God Break Down The Door (Select Mix Remix) Nine Inch Nails 04:40 152bpm


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