01 I Took A Pill In Ibiza [SeeB Clean Extended Mix].mp3
02 Don't Let Me Down [Extended Mix].mp3
03 Stressed Out [Dave Winnel Remix].mp3
04 Don't Stop [Original Mix].mp3
05 AUH [Original Mix].mp3
06 Adventure Of A Lifetime [Freejak Remix].mp3
07 Bring Back The Summer [Original Mix].mp3
08 Aftershock [Extended Mix].mp3
09 Off The Ground [Extended Mix].mp3
10 You Got It Wrong [Extended Mix].mp3
11 Heading Home [Extended Mix].mp3
12 Age Of Innocence [Extended Mix].mp3
13 It's No Surprise [Colin's Club Mix].mp3
14 The Less I Know [Extended Mix].mp3
15 Gangsta Walk [Clean Extended Mix].mp3
16 Sound Of Your Heart [Jump Smokers Extended Remix].mp3

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