(10 files and folders)
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_vol_1/all i ever wanted - mase ft. mya (bpm 103).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_vol_1/blue angels - pras (bpm 101).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_vol_1/california love - 2pac (bpm 92).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_vol_1/candy rain - soul for real (bpm 94).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_vol_1/dance - robin s & mary mary (bpm 100).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_vol_1/dancin - guy (bpm 101).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_vol_1/ditty - paperboy (bpm 100).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_vol_1/endless love - mary rose & chris ballin (bpm 92).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_vol_1/get on up - jodeci (bpm 94).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_vol_1/you know whats up - donnell jones (bpm 102).mp3 (10 files and folders)
10 Old School Shortcutz Pack Vol.2/heartbreaker - mariah carey ft. da brat & missy elliott (bpm 102).mp3
10 Old School Shortcutz Pack Vol.2/hip hop hooray - naughty by nature (bpm 100).mp3
10 Old School Shortcutz Pack Vol.2/holiday - naughty by nature (bpm 100).mp3
10 Old School Shortcutz Pack Vol.2/how deep is your love - dru hill ft. redman (bpm 96).mp3
10 Old School Shortcutz Pack Vol.2/hypnotize - notorious big (bpm 94).mp3
10 Old School Shortcutz Pack Vol.2/i met her in miami - liberty city fla (bpm 98).mp3
10 Old School Shortcutz Pack Vol.2/if you really wanna know - marc dorsey (bpm 91).mp3
10 Old School Shortcutz Pack Vol.2/insane in the brain - cypress hill (bpm 102).mp3
10 Old School Shortcutz Pack Vol.2/it's true - queen pen (bpm 103).mp3
10 Old School Shortcutz Pack Vol.2/i've got a little something for you - mn8 (bpm 102).mp3 (10 files and folders)
10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_3/jump - kriss kross (bpm 102).mp3
10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_3/lets get naked - highland place mobsters (bpm 108).mp3
10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_3/lover's groove - immature (bpm 87).mp3
10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_3/mistadobalina - del tha funkee homosapien (bpm 100).mp3
10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_3/no diggity - blackstreet (bpm 90).mp3
10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_3/one for the money - horace brown (bpm 91).mp3
10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_3/only you - 112 ft. notorious big (bpm 96).mp3
10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_3/paid in full - eric b & rakim (bpm 99).mp3
10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_3/set it off - organized noize ft. andrea martin and queen latifah (bpm 92).mp3
10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_3/sweet thang - jonestown (bpm 107).mp3 (10 files and folders)
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_4/jump around - house of pain (bpm 108).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_4/summertime in the lbc - dove shack (bpm 98).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_4/swing - the deff boyz (bpm 110).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_4/taboo - glamma kid ft. shola ama (bpm 100).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_4/that's the way - dj clue ft. mase, foxy brown (bpm 101).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_4/the b side - da brat ft notorious b.i.g (bpm 99).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_4/throw your hands up - l.v. (bpm 102).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_4/thumbthumping - chumbawamba (bpm 104).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_4/what you want - mase ft. total (bpm 94).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_4/whatever - ideal ft lil mo (bpm 102).mp3 (10 files and folders)
10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_5/california love - 2pac (bpm 92).mp3
10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_5/ditty - paperboy (bpm 100).mp3
10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_5/rump shaker - wreckx n effect (bpm 104).mp3
10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_5/sally that girl - gucci crew II (bpm 130).mp3
10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_5/set adrift on memory bliss - p.m. dawn (bpm 100).mp3
10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_5/tres delinquentes - delinquent habits (bpm 100).mp3
10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_5/where my girls at - 702 (bpm 99).mp3
10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_5/wifey - next (bpm 102).mp3
10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_5/will 2k - will smith ft. k ci (bpm 118).mp3
10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_5/zunga zeng - k7 (bpm 104).mp3 (10 files and folders)
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_6/come baby come - k7 (bpm 106).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_6/informer - snow (bpm 98).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_6/mr wendal - arrested developement (bpm 110).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_6/o.p.p - naughty by nature (bpm 99).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_6/return of the tres - delinquent habits (bpm 100).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_6/rump shaker - wreckx n effect (bpm 104).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_6/slam - onyx (bpm 98).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_6/tear da club up - three six mafia (bootymix) (bpm 116).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_6/this is how we do it - montell jordan (bpm 104).mp3
djmon_10_old_school_shortcutz_pack_vol_6/whats love got to do with it - warren g (bpm 95).mp3



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