Crack 4Djz 7-26-17
DJ Allan Fatman Scoop X Olly James - Be Faithful (Transition 103-128 Bpm)[Clean] 103.mp3
DJ Allan Fatman Scoop, Dj Kool, Mike WiLL Made-It, Lil Yachty, Carly Rae Jepsen - It Takes Two 2017 (Party Break Intro Edit)[Clean] 115.mp3
DJ Allan J Balvin Willy William X F4ST, Velza, Loudness - Mi Gente (Latin Festival Mix)[Clean] 128.mp3
DJ Allan J Balvin, Willy William X Henry Fong - Mi Gente (Moombah Reboot) (Remix)[Clean] 108.mp3
DJ Allan Jennifer Lopez X House Of Bounce - Jenny From The Block (Twerk Edit) (Remix)[Clean] 100.mp3
DJ Allan Snap Vs Culture Beat X Djs From Mars X Yastreb - Rhythm Is A Dancer X Mr Vain (Future House Mash-Up)[Clean] 128.mp3
DJ Jeff Bananarama - Cruel Summer (80's Hype Edit)[Clean] 108.mp3
DJ NEO DNCE - Cake By The Ocean (Redrum Hyped)[Dirty] 123.mp3
DJ NEO Jason Derulo - Get Ugly (Redrum Hyped)[Dirty] 111.mp3
Kadence Destiny's Child - Say My Name (Le Boeuf Remix)[Clean] 122.mp3
Rich Rubillar Anne Lee - 2 Time (Rich 2017 Club Mix)[Clean] 130.mp3
Rich Rubillar Aqua - My Oh My (Rich 2017 Club Mix)[Clean] 132.mp3
Rich Rubillar Backstreet Boys - All I Have To Give (2017 Redrum Hype)[Clean] 99.mp3
Rich Rubillar Calvin Harris - Feels (Throwback Mashup Edit)[Dirty] 110.mp3
Rich Rubillar Deep Blue Something - Breakfast At Tiffanys (Rich 2017 Mixshow Redrum)[Clean] 111.mp3
Rich Rubillar John Mellencamp - Hurt So Good (2017 Mixshow Redrum)[Clean] 120.mp3
Rich Rubillar Lauryn Hill - Turn The Lights Down Low (Redrum)[Clean] 83.mp3
Rich Rubillar Rednex - Cotton Eyed (Rich 2017 Redrum)[Clean] 130.mp3
Rich Rubillar Shaina Twain - That Dont Impress Me Much (8Bar Country Intro)[Clean] 125.mp3
Rich Rubillar The Corrs - Breathless (Rich Uptempo Mixshow Redrum)[Clean] 128.mp3
The Original Mixmaster JayOne DMX - Get At Me Dawg (JayOne's Dirty Intro With Hype)[Dirty] 97.mp3
Vegas & Dj Julo Cruz C+C Music Factory - Gonna Make You Sweat (90s) (Re-Drum)[Clean] 114.mp3
Vegas & Dj Julo Cruz Camila Cabello - Crying in the Club 2017 (Mixshow) (Party-Break Into In Da Club) (Re-Drum) (Suprise X Dancehall)[Clean] 100.mp3
Vegas & Dj Julo Cruz Ciara X Missy Elliot - 1 2 Step 2K17 (Acapella In-Out) (Extended) (Shortz)[Clean] 113.mp3
Vegas & Dj Julo Cruz Ciara X Missy Elliot - 1 2 Step 2K17 (Acapella Out) (Extended) (Shortz)[Clean] 113.mp3
Vegas & Dj Julo Cruz Dillon Francis X G-Eazy - Say Less 2017 (Trap) (Mash-Up Party Starter X Where X Ty Dolla Sign X Migos)[Dirty] 65.mp3
Vegas & Dj Julo Cruz DMX - Good Girls Bad Guys (90s) (Hip-Hop) (Re-Drum)[Dirty] 106.mp3
Vegas & Dj Julo Cruz J Balvin X Willy William - Mi Gente 2017 (Re-Drum)[Clean] 105.mp3
Vegas & Dj Julo Cruz Kesha - Tik Tok 2K17 (Acapella In Tik Tok) (Hype Into) (Shortz) (Extended)[Dirty] 120.mp3
Vegas & Dj Julo Cruz Maroon 5 X Future - Cold 2017 (Mixshow) (Party-Break Into Cold) (Suprise X EDM)[Dirty] 100.mp3
Vegas & Dj Julo Cruz Yeah Yeah Yeahs X NoizBasses X FNZ - Heads Will Roll 2K17 (Party Starter X Rock Yeah) (Trapsition 128-70)[Clean] 128.mp3

Crack 4Djz 7-30-17
Ace Of Base - All That She Wants 2K17 (90s Scratch Hype) (Future House) (Transition) (95-118)[Clean] 95.mp3
Armand Van Helden - The Funk Phenomena (Melbourne Bounce Mix)[Clean] 128.mp3
Beyonce - Baby Boy (Reggaeton Mixshow Redrum)[Clean] 100.mp3
Beyonce - Baby Boy (Reggaeton Partybreak Intro)[Clean] 100.mp3
Black Box X Hydrogenio - Everybody Everybody 2017 (Future House Reboot)[Clean] 128.mp3
Blasterjaxx - Savage 2017 (BigRoom) (Clap-A-Pella Start The Party) (Fatman Scoop Tools)[Clean] 130.mp3
Calvin Harris - Holiday (Redrum)[Clean] 104.mp3
Calvin Harris - Rollin (Redrum Hype)[Clean] 92.mp3
Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (80's Refresh Partybreak)[Clean] 121.mp3
Danzel X Spens - Pump It Up X Party Up 2017 (Party Starter X Pump It Up) (Bootleg) (Transition 128-100)[Dirty] 128.mp3
Ed Sheeran X Lady Gaga X TLC X Shakira X Sia X Robin Skouteris Mix - Shape Of You Mash-Up 2017 (Mash-Up) (Acap In No Scrubs) (Clap Into)[Clean] 99.mp3
Eurythmics X J Rythm - Sweet Dream (BigRoom Mash-Up)[Clean] 128.mp3
Fatboy Slim Wildchild X HI-LO X DImitri Vegas, Like Mike - Renegade Master 2017 (Remix)[Clean] 128.mp3
Fedde Le Grand Ida Corr Martin Garrix, Third Party X Vintage Culture. Future Class - Let Me Think About X Lions In The Wild (Mash-Up)[Clean] 128.mp3
Fedde Le Grand X Felguk - Hands Up For Detroit 2017 (Party Starter Quick Edit)[Clean] 128.mp3
J Balvin - Ay Vamos 2K17 (Acap In Borigua Cubano X Pitbull) (Clap Into) (Hype Into)[Clean] 94.mp3
J Balvin Willy William X Pat C X Henry Fong - Mi Gente (Moombah ReBoot)[Clean] 111.mp3
J. Balvin, Willy William - Mi Gente (Partybreak)[Clean] 105.mp3
Jay-Z - 99 Problems 2K17 (Transition Tool) (107-94) (Hype FX Scratch)[Dirty] 107.mp3
Kadence Nadia Ali - Rapture (JaxxMike Remix - Kadence Short Edit)[Clean] 126.mp3
Kadence Nadia Ali - Rapture (JaxxMike Remix)[Clean] 126.mp3
Kadence Sisqo - Thong Song (Nathan Jain Remix - Kadence Short Edit)[Clean] 125.mp3
Kadence Sisqo - Thong Song (Nathan Jain Remix)[Clean] 125.mp3
Kadence Timbaland - Apologize (Sultan & Shepard Remix - Kadence Short Edit)[Clean] 126.mp3
Kadence Timbaland - Apologize (Sultan & Shepard Remix)[Clean] 126.mp3
Katy Perry - Bon Appetit (Future House Bootleg)[Clean] 126.mp3
Katy Perry - Chained To The Rhythm 2017 (Future House) (Mixshow) (Acapella Into Rhythm X Corona) (Party-Break Into)[Clean] 122.mp3
Kesha - Praying (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 111.mp3
Linkin Park - Heavy (Chester Bennington Tribute Redrum)[Dirty] 85.mp3
Linkin Park - Heavy (Mixshow Redrum)[Clean] 75.mp3
MYA X Quintino X Rhythm Roxx, Mister Barclay - Ghetto Superstar (EDM ReBoot)[Clean] 128.mp3
Oasis X ACDC - Wonderwall X Back In Black (Mash-Up)[Clean] 92.mp3
Queen X Lil Jon, E40 - We Will Rock You (2017 Hype Reworks)[Clean] 90.mp3
Rihanna X Drake X Dillon Francis X Djs From Mars - Work X Bomb A Drop 2K17 (Bootleg) (Mixshow) (Mash-Up) (Transition 105-128)[Clean] 105.mp3
Sean Paul X Salvi, Franklin Dam - Get Busy (Mommbah Mash-Up)[Clean] 100.mp3
Shakira X Dj Sol & Mr. Butter - Hips Dont Lie (Moombah-Twerk Edit)[Clean] 100.mp3
The Original Mixmaster JayOne DMX - Stop Being Greedy (JayOne's Clean Intro With Hype)[Clean] 102.mp3

Crack 4Djz 8-16-17
50 Cent X Knock2 RMX - How We Do 2K17 (Twerk RMX) (Party Starter X Mash-Up X If I Cant X 50Cent)[Clean] 100.mp3
Alex Gaudino X Flaremode X SCNDL - Video Kill The Radio Star (2017 Primetime Bounce Smasher)[Clean] 128.mp3
Ariana Grande - Everyday (8b In Out) (Orig. Mix)[Dirty] 131.mp3
Calvin Harris - Prayers Up (8b In-Out)[Dirty] 86.mp3
Camilla Cabello X Young Thug - Havana (8Bar Intro And Outro)[Clean] 105.mp3
Case Ace Skrillex - Would You Ever (Dj Case Ace Hype Edit)[Clean] 126.mp3
CC Music Factory - Gonna Make You Sweat (90s Redrum)[Clean] 114.mp3
Cheat Codes X Demi Lovato X Bassjackers X Felix Schorn - No Promises 2017 (EDM Edit) (Hype Into Put Your Hands Up)[Clean] 128.mp3
Cheat Codes X Demi Lovato X Bassjackers X Felix Schorn - No Promises X Get Low 2017 (EDM Bootleg) (Mash-Up) (Hype Into Put Your Hands Up)[Clean] 128.mp3
Clean Bandit X Jaxx X Vega - The Rockafeller 2K17 (Bootleg Mash-Up) (Rockabye X Something Just Like This X Flip)[Dirty] 128.mp3
Dillon Francis ft. G-Eazy - Say Less (ALO Quickhitter) (Dillon Francis & Moksi Remix)[Dirty] 129.mp3
Dillon Francis ft. G-Eazy - Say Less (Dillon Francis & Moksi Remix) (ALO 105-129 Transition)[Dirty] 105.mp3
Dillon Francis ft. G-Eazy - Say Less (Dillon Francis & Moksi Remix)[Dirty] 129.mp3
Dillon Francis ft. G-Eazy - Say Less (OG to Dillon Francis & Moksi Remix) (ALO 70-129 Transition)[Dirty] 70.mp3
DJ Khaled - Wild Thoughts (Moombah Edit)[Dirty] 105.mp3
DJ NEO Yandel - Calentura (Dj Intro Short)[Clean] 84.mp3
DJ NEO Yandel - Encantadora (Dj Intro Short)[Clean] 85.mp3
Dj Snake X Justin Bieber X Jesse X Alvita - Let Me Love You 2K17 (Bounce) (Mash-Up Hype X Now That We Found Love X Heavy D)[Clean] 128.mp3
Dr Dre - Lets Get High (Acapella In) (ALO Hype Edit)[Dirty] 99.mp3
Ed Sheeran X Chunky Dip X Trillogee X Valentini X Seven K - Shape Of You (Primetime Bootleg Smasher)[Clean] 128.mp3
Enrique Iglesias X Descemer Bueno - Subeme La Radio RMX 2017 (Party Starter X Go Girl X Trey Songz) (Re-Drum)[Clean] 93.mp3
Eric B X Rakim - Paid In Full 2K17 (80s) (Rap) (Re-Drum)[Clean] 100.mp3
Fatboy Slim X Cruzer X Gerard X Nik Pryce - Right Here Right Now (2017 Futue House Bootleg Edit)[Clean] 128.mp3
Fedde Le Grand & Ida Corr - Firestarter (8Bar Intro And Outro)[Clean] 107.mp3
Fetty Wap ft Remy Boyz - 679 (Acapella In) (ALO Hype Edit)[Dirty] 95.mp3
Flo Rida X K Theory - GDRF X Get Low 2K17 (Trap Edit) (Hype Into X Low X Juicy J) (Transition 73-100)[Dirty] 73.mp3
J Balvin - Unforgettable Latin Remix (Reggaeton Hype Redrum)[Dirty] 98.mp3
Justin Bieber X David Guetta X Afrojack X Sini X Rihanna - 2U (Big Horn Party Starter Edit)[Clean] 128.mp3
Justin Timberlake X Basomatik X Antrox - Like I Love You (2017 Moombathon Booteg Edit)[Dirty] 108.mp3
KRS One - My Philosophy 2K17 (80s) (Rap) (Re-Drum)[Dirty] 95.mp3
KSHMR, JDG & Mariana Bo - Kolkata (Edm Quickhitter)[Clean] 128.mp3
KSHMR, JDG & Mariana Bo vs Dimes - Kolkata (Hybrid Big Room Bootleg)[Clean] 128.mp3
Major Lazer X Sak Noel X Salvi X Garvanin - Jump Prendelo (Primetime Smasher Edit)[Dirty] 128.mp3
Martin Garrix X Adrian Park X Ephwurd - Sun Is Never Going Down - Martin Garrix Ft Dawn Golden (Bootleg V3)[Clean] 128.mp3
Natalie Cole - Pink Cadillac (80s Redrum)[Clean] 125.mp3
Nejtrino X Baur X Denis First - Staying Alive (2k17 Primetime Horn Edit)[Clean] 128.mp3
Olivia Newton John - Physical 2K17 (80s) (Dance) (Re-Drum)[Clean] 120.mp3
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up (80s Redrum)[Clean] 113.mp3
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up 2K17 (80s) (Pop) (Re-Drum)[Clean] 113.mp3
Robin S - Show Me Love (90s Redrum)[Clean] 120.mp3
Sage The Gemini - Watchachacha 2017 (Beat In) (Mash-Up Hype Into X D4L) (Extended)[Dirty] 87.mp3
Sean Paul - Im Still In Love With You (8b In Out) (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 87.mp3
Sean Paul - Temperature (8b In Out Hype) (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 125.mp3
Sean Paul - Temperature (8b In Out) (Orig. Mix)[Clean] 125.mp3
Timbaland - Them Jeans (Acapella In) (ALO Hype Edit)[Dirty] 88.mp3
Timmy Trumpet x W&W - Freaks (ALO Hype Edit)[Clean] 128.mp3
Yes - Owner Of Lonely Heart (80s Redrum)[Clean] 125.mp3
Zedd X Alessia Cara X Nicky Romero X Kahikko X Blasterjaxx - Stay (Primetime Bootleg Smasher)[Clean] 128.mp3

Crack 4Djz 8-17-17
Andy Grammer - Fresh Eyes (Chubby C ReDrum)[Clean] 122.mp3
Armand Van Helden - Ultrafunkula (90s Redrum)[Clean] 128.mp3
Avicii - Friend Of Mine (Acapella Intro Edit)[Clean] 110.mp3
Avicii - Friend Of Mine (In - Out Refix)[Clean] 110.mp3
Bassjackers & Jay Hardway - El Mariachi (Latin Party Starter)[Clean] 128.mp3
Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes vs Black Eyed Peas - Time Of My Life (Chubby C 112-128 Segue Shorter)[Clean] 128.mp3
Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes vs Black Eyed Peas - Time Of My Life (Chubby C 112-128 Segue)[Clean] 128.mp3
Bingo Players - Beat The Drum (Clapella Starter)[Clean] 125.mp3
Cardi B - Bodak Yellow (The Dj Mike D Mix - Mixshow Edit)[Clean] 125.mp3
Cardi B - Bodak Yellow (The Dj Mike D Mix - Mixshow Edit)[Dirty] 125.mp3
Cardi B - Bodak Yellow (Transition Edit)[Dirty] 130.mp3
Chingy - Right Thur (Party Break)[Dirty] 95.mp3
Chumbawamba X Dozay X DJ Morrison - Tubthumping (Party Break)[Dirty] 104.mp3
David Bowie - Lets Dance (80s Redrum)[Clean] 117.mp3
DJ Snake - Talk (Dj Intro Short)[Clean] 118.mp3
DMX - Still Scratching (Dj Intro Short)[Dirty] 98.mp3
Dr Dre X Snoop Dogg X Lil Jon Fatman - The Next Episode (Party Break)[Dirty] 96.mp3
Eminem - Shake That (Bounce Edit)[Dirty] 128.mp3
Gucci Crew - Sally That Girl (80's Pitbull Edit)[Dirty] 130.mp3
Jennifer Lopez - Aint Your Mama (Melbourne Bounce Mix)[Clean] 128.mp3
Joe Public - Live And Learn (Party Break Intro)[Clean] 107.mp3
Madonna - Like A Virgin (80s Redrum)[Clean] 120.mp3
Martin Garrix - Byte (Neo Personal EDM Quickmix)[Clean] 128.mp3
Mary J Blige D-Fox, Fatman Scoop - Family Affair (Party Break)[Clean] 100.mp3
Michael Jackson X Louis La Roche - Wanna Be Startin Somethin (Acapella In And Out)[Clean] 126.mp3
Mystikal X Mr Collipark X Dj Kool - Shake Ya Ass (Party Break)[Dirty] 100.mp3
No Mercy - Where Do You Go (90's Future House Edit)[Clean] 128.mp3
SE7EN (PT) - Kalani (Neo Personal EDM Quickmix)[Clean] 128.mp3
Sean Paul X Dua Lipa - No Lie 2K17 (Re-Drum) (V1)[Clean] 102.mp3
Sean Paul X Dua Lipa - No Lie 2K17 (Re-Drum) (V2)[Clean] 102.mp3
Sean Paul X Tory Lanez - Tek Weh Yuh Heart 2K17 (Re-Drum) (V1)[Clean] 95.mp3
Sean Paul X Tory Lanez - Tek Weh Yuh Heart 2K17 (Re-Drum) (V2)[Clean] 95.mp3
Sean Paul X Tory Lanez - Tek Weh Yuh Heart 2K17 (Re-Drum) (V3)[Clean] 95.mp3
Shaggy - I Got You (8b In-Out)[Dirty] 84.mp3
Shaggy - I Got You (Reggae Mixshow Hype Edit)[Dirty] 84.mp3
Shawn Mendes - There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back (Orig. Mix - Deejay Technique Intro)[Clean] 122.mp3
Spice Girls - Wanna Be (Redrum Acapella In And Out)[Clean] 110.mp3
The Game - All Eyez (Mixshow Hype Redrum)[Dirty] 102.mp3
The Game - All Eyez (Mixshow Redrum)[Dirty] 102.mp3
Thomas Newson - Saxo (Neo Personal EDM Quickmix)[Clean] 128.mp3
Tinashe - All Hands On Deck (Party Break Intro Mash-Up)[Dirty] 97.mp3
Various - Old School Best (Party Break)[Dirty] 94.mp3



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