01 - Dazz Band - Joystick.mp3
02 - Cameo - Word Up.mp3
03 - George Clinton - Atomic Dog.mp3
04 - Commodores - Brick House.mp3
05 - Dazz Band - You Dropped A Bomb On Me.mp3
06 - Kano - I'm Ready.mp3
07 - Ltd - Back In Love.mp3
08 - Heatwave - Boogie Nights.mp3
09 - Parliament - Give Up The Funk.mp3
10 - Shalamar - A Night To Remember.mp3


01 Best Of My Love[118].mp3
02 I Can Make You Dance[118].mp3
03 Fantastic Voyage[118].mp3
04 Oops Upside Your Head[108].mp3
05 Shame[136].mp3
06 Shake Your Pants[126].mp3
07 Doo Wa Ditty[116].mp3
08 Sexomatic[116].mp3
09 Give Me Tonight[120].mp3
10 Party Train[128].mp3


01-Planet Patrol - Play At Your Own Risk (Classixx Mixx).mp3
02-Skyy - Let's Celebrate (Classixx Mixx).mp3
03-Parliament - Flashlight (Classixx Mixx).mp3
04-Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight (Classixx Mixx).mp3
05-Shannon - Let The Music Play (Classixx Mixx).mp3
06-Debbie Deb - When I Hear Music (Classixx Mixx).mp3
07-Gap Band - Outstanding (Classixx Mixx).mp3
08-The SOS Band - Take Your Time (Classixx Mixx).mp3
09-Tom Tom Club - Genius Of Love (Classixx Mixx).mp3
10-Invisible Mans Band - All Night Thing (Classixx Mixx).mp3


01 Boogie Oogie Oogie[128].mp3
02 The Finest[112].mp3
03 Point Of No Return[124].mp3
04 I Wonder If I Take You Home[118].mp3
05 Don't Stop The Rock[124].mp3
06 Cutie Pie [106].mp3
07 I'm Not Gonna Let[120].mp3
08 Not Just Knee Deep[118].mp3
09 It's Ecstacy[106].mp3


01 No Parking On The Dance Floor (Cl.m4a
02 Too Tight (Classixx Mixx).m4a
03 Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Cl.m4a
04 It Takes Two (Classixx Mixx).m4a
05 It's All The Way Live (Classixx M.m4a
06 Say You Do (Classixx Mixx).m4a
07 Double Dutch Bus (Classixx Mixx).m4a
08 I Like What You're Doing To Me (C.m4a
09 You Make Me Feel Brand New (Class.m4a
10 Studio West Classic Hi Energy Med.m4a


Classixx Mixx 1

Cameo - Word Up (Classixx Mix).mp3
Dazz Band - Joystick (Classixx Mix).mp3
George Clinton - Atomic Dog (Classixx Mix).mp3
Zapp - I Can Make You Dance (Classixx Mix).mp3

Classixx Mixx 2

Commodores - Brick House (Classixx Mix).mp3
Gap Band - You Dropped A Bomb On Me (Classixx Mix).mp3
Kano - I'm Ready (Classixx Mix).mp3
Lakeside - Fantastic Voyage (Classixx Mix).mp3

Classixx Mixx 3

Heatwave - Boogie Nights (Classixx Mix).mp3
LTD - Back In Love (Classixx Mix).mp3
Parliament - Give Up The Funk (Classixx Mix).mp3
Shalamar - A Night To Remember - (classixx mixx).mp3

Classixx Mixx 4

Cameo - Shake Your Pants (Classixx Mix).mp3
Classic Studio West Hi-NRG Medley - Various - 132 BPM.mp3
Gap Band - Oops Upside Your Head (Classixx Mix).mp3
The Emotions - Best Of My Love (Classixx Mix).mp3

Classixx Mixx 5

Gap Band - Party Train (Classixx Mix).mp3
Shannon - Give Me Tonight (Classixx Mix).mp3
The Barkays - Sexomatic (Classixx Mix).mp3
Zapp - Doo Wa Ditty (Classixx Mix).mp3

Classixx Mixx 6

Gap Band - Outstanding (Classixx Mixx).mp3
Invisible Mans Band - All Night Thing (Classixx Mixx).mp3
The SOS Band - Take Your Time (Classixx Mixx).mp3
Tom Tom Club - Genius Of Love (Classixx Mixx).mp3

Classixx Mixx 7

Debbie Deb - When I Hear Music (Classixx Mixx).mp3
Planet Patrol - Play At Your Own Risk (Classixx Mixx).mp3
Shannon - Let The Music Play (Classixx Mixx).mp3
Skyy - Let's Celebrate (Classixx Mixx).mp3

Classixx Mixx 8

A Taste Of Honey - Boogie Oogie Oogie (Classixx Mix).mp3
Parliament - Flashlight (Classixx Mixx).mp3
Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight (Classixx Mixx).mp3
The SOS Band - The Finest (Classixx Mix).mp3

Classixx Mixx 9

Expose - Point Of No Return (Classixx Mix).mp3
Fresstyle - Don't Stop The Rock (Classixx Mix).mp3
Lisa Lisa - I Wonder If I Take You (Classixx Mix).mp3

Classixx Mixx 10

Colonel Abrams - I'm Not Gonna Let (Classixx Mix).mp3
Funkadelic - (Not Just) Knee Deep (Classix Mix).mp3
One Way - Cutie Pie (Classixx Mix).mp3

Classixx Mixx 11

09 no parking on the dance floor (classixx mixx).mp3
it takes two (classixx mixx).mp3
last night a dj saved my life (classixx mixx).mp3
too tight (classixx mixx).mp3

Classixx Mixx 12

double dutch bus (classixx mixx).mp3
i like what you're doing to me (classixx mixx).mp3
it's all the way live (classixx mixx).mp3
say you do (classixx mixx).mp3
you make me feel brand new (classixx mixx).mp3

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