Art of Mix Chronicles Vol. 1

01. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Relax [Acid Remix] 9A 115.mp3
02. Various Artists - Strange Mix Medley [007 Mix] 9A 120.mp3
03. Various Artists - Medley 3A 121.mp3
04. Hubert Kah - So Many People [Census Mix] 5A 125.mp3
05. Depeche Mode - Dangerous [Edit of CD Addiction] 12A 104.mp3
06. Human League - Don't You Want Me [90's Inquistion Mix] 7A 116.mp3
07. Westworld - Painkiller [Anesthiologist Mix] 11B 130.mp3
08. The Cure - Lullaby [Dreamstate Mix] 12A 93.mp3
09. Soho - Hippie Chick [Flower power Mix] 11A 98.mp3
10. Deee-Lite - What is Love! [Deeeee Mix] 10B 112.mp3
11. MCL - New York New York [Midnight Mix] 6A 119.mp3

Art of Mix Chronicles Vol. 2

01. The Cure - To The Sky [Resurrected Mix] 11B 112.mp3
02. Madonna - Like A Prayer [MLK Mix] 7A 113.mp3
03. When In Rome - The Promise [Covenant Mix] 8B 115.mp3
04. Wide Boy Awake - Slang Teacher [Alias Smith & Jones Mix] 7A 119.mp3
05. Information Society - Medley [Hard Disk Version] 8A 119.mp3
06. Tears For Fears - Pale Shelter [Cold Shoulder Mix] 8A 119.mp3
07. Pop Will Eat Itself - Def Con One [Twilight Zone Mix] 7A 119.mp3
08. Pet Shop Boys - It's Alright [Pet Boy Mix] 11A 123.mp3
09. Cube - Love's Taboo [Repel The Spell Mix] 10A 119.mp3
10. Inner City - Good Life [Indulgence Mix] 10A 125.mp3
11. Oh L'amour - Sin [Strange Thrill Mix] 8A 122.mp3

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