DMC The Best of Remixes Vol 01
01 When Doves Cry (Remixed by Dakeyn.mp3
02 On the Beach (Remixed by Rod Layman & Claire Pearce).mp3
03 Pump Up the Volume (Remixed by Greed).mp3
05 It's Not Unusual (Remixed by Alfie Notes).mp3
04 Teardrops (Remixed by Luvdup).mp3
06 Grandstand (Remixed by Keith Mansfield).mp3
07 18 Strings (Remixed by Reefa).mp3
08 Do You Wanna Get Funky (Remixed by Junior Vasquez).mp3
10 In My House (Remixed by David Morales).mp3
11 Disco Soundclash Vol 1.mp3
09 Don't Leave Me This Way.mp3
DMC The Best of Remixes Vol 02
01 Rebel Song (Dakeyne).mp3
03 Melody of Love (Junior Vasquez).mp3
04 Legend of the Dark Black Part 2 (Dakeyne).mp3
05 Finally (Sweet Mercy mix).mp3
06 Dreamer (Tom & Jerry Boutier).mp3
07 Deeper Love (Joey Musaphia).mp3
08 Let It Roll (Greed).mp3
09 U Sure Do (Greed).mp3
10 Here Comes the Hot Stepper (Deep Recess).mp3
02 Josephine (Chris & James).mp3
DMC The Best of Remixes Vol 03
01 I've Got Something for You (Nick Hussey).mp3
02 Freedom (James Wiltshire).mp3
03 Look Ahead (Shindig).mp3
05 Freedom (Big C).mp3
06 3 is Family (Claudio Coccoluto).mp3
07 Newborn Friend (Blue Amazon).mp3
08 Stomp (Disco Tex).mp3
04 Not Enough (Junior Vasquez).mp3
DMC The Best of Remixes Vol 04
01 I Don't a Lover (James Wiltshire).mp3
03 I Love Music (Disco Tek).mp3
05 If Only I Could (Frank Moiraghi).mp3
06 Hideaway (Big C).mp3
08 Spaceman (Tinman).mp3
07 Who Do You Love (Junior Vasquez).mp3
04 Magic (Blue Amazon).mp3
02 Girl Like You (Route 66).mp3
DMC The Best of Remixes Vol 05
01 Vogue (Sharp Edit).mp3
02 Cosmic Girl (Full Intention).mp3
09 All Night Long (All Night) (Hustlers Convention).mp3
04 Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) (Hustlers Convention).mp3
05 So in Love with You (Full Intention).mp3
06 Who's Zoomin' Who (Sharp).mp3
07 Escaping (Jimmy Gomez).mp3
03 Perfect Motion (Jimmy Gomez).mp3
08 What You Want (Fade).mp3

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